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You've Been Trumped
NZ Herald Review: 4 Stars

24 November 2012

Crossfire Hurricane
NZ Herald Review: 4 Stars

24 November 2012

Crossfire Hurricane Rolling Stones NZ Herald Interview
16 November 2012

"Once this starts rolling, I can't see it stopping..."

Barrymore Christopher Plummer Interview
16 November 2012

"Plummer has always been reluctant to allow his stage performances to be captured on film."

Sightseers Ben Wheatley Interview
12 November 2012

"...there is something funny about a giant pencil."

The Last of the Haussmans
NZ Listener Review
: 4.5 STARS
Undated 2012

"Another brilliantly executed piece in the current series of NT Live"

Sightseers Empire Review
Undated 2012

"A uniquely British blend of excruciating comedy of embarrassment"

Barrymore New York Observer Review
Undated 2012

"Christopher Plummer is, without contest, one of the greatest, most versatile and most distinguished actors of our time. "

Barrymore NY Mag Review
Undated 2012

"The best part is last: Plummer as Barrymore as Richard III—raising goosebumps and, I’m almost sure, the dead."

Electrick Children Review
11 November 2012

"...director Rebecca Thomas creates a perfectly pitched exploration of religious dogma."

Electrick Children Dominion Post Interview
8 November 2012

"I was a total dork."

Electrick Children NZ Listener Review
8 November 2012

"Rebecca Thomas’s first feature – she writes and directs – is a gentle coming of age story, very lightly dusted with magic realism."

The Sorta Unofficial NZ Film Awards Nominations
5 November 2012

"Among the leading contenders for the Moas - "named in honour of something extinct" say the organisers - are Two Little Boys and The Orator with 11 nominations each."

Sightseers receives seven nominations at the British Independent Film Awards

5 November 2012

Electrick Children NZ Herald Interview
1 November 2012

"Electrick Children is an enigma of a movie in the best possible way."

MET Opera: L'Ilisir D'Amore NZ Listener Review

"If you haven’t discovered this wonderful series yet, then go on – spoil yourself."

Electrick Children The Rag Review
28 October 2012

" exquisite, eccentric piece of contemporary cinema."

Christopher Plummer Possible Oscar Contention, The Hollywood Reporter
25 October 2012

"The 82-year-old, who became the oldest acting Oscar winner ever in Feb., could be back in contention this fall for his portrayal of legendary actor John Barrymore."

Safety Not Guaranteed Review
25 October 2012

Andrew Reinholds declares odd-ball comedy Safety Not Guaranteed as one of the must-see films for the year.

Welcome Aboard Total Film Review
23 October 2012

"There’s plenty to savour in Chesnais’ expertly judged performance."

Electrick Children Concrete Playground Review

"This highly engaging and unconventional coming-of-age story is about the journey of life itself."

Safety Not Guaranteed NZ Listener Review
18 October 2012

"’s one of my favourite films of the year."

Safety Not Guaranteed Review
14 October 2012

"...strange, charming and rather clever indie tale."

Safety Not Guaranteed NZ Herald Interview
13 October 2012

"The [time] was spent very slowly getting him to trust me and to have confidence and faith that I wasn't going to ruin this thing."

Safety Not Guaranteed TVNZ Review
12 October 2012

"...a gentle nugget of quirky cinematic genius."

1 September 2012

"Pablo Larraín's NO is a fascinating, inventive look at the advertising campaign that helped unseat Chile's dictator in 1988"

8 July 2012

"Well made, RAGE-inducing documentary that gives a vital airing to a virtually unheard side of a truly sickening story"

SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED: Star Aubrey Plaza on falling in love with Bill Murray.
8 June 2012

Aubrey Plaza's first turn as a leading lady is, predictably, a little quirky. Her upcoming film, "Safety Not Guaranteed," is based on an ad-turned-Internet meme, which begins "Wanted: Someone to go back in time with me."

28 April 2012

"...hugely enjoyable, frequently hilarious comedy with a brilliant script, an inspired premise, likeable characters and a star-making central performance from Aubrey Plaza."


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